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About Us

Steve Lefebvre has been around baseball all his life. Growing up in the famous Lefebvre baseball family, he watched his father Ron Lefebvre give baseball and softball lessons and eventually went to work for him. Ron Lefebvre learned some of his teaching skills from his uncle Ben Lefebvre, father of San Diego Padres batting coach and former major-league manager Jim Lefebvre and has passed them on to Steve.

Since 1978, Steve Lefebvre has been working with young people, ages 7 and older, to make them the best ballplayers they can possibly be. Over the years, he has given more than 150,000 private lessons to students, some of whom now bring their own kids to Steve to train.

Steve is married and lives in Fontana with his wife Shelly and their two children, Carianne and Matthew. His school has been located in Chino since 1999.

Steve with His Wife and Children
Why Should You Invest Your Time & Money in Lessons for Your Child?

Steve believes that most children involved in baseball and softball, regardless of level, want to be successful, as do their parents (sometimes more than the child). Most young athletes would like to compete at least through high school. Unfortunately, there are only a few who are born with enough talent to accomplish their goals with little hard work. The rest have to work and work hard to achieve their goals.

The sooner they start working at their goals, the better off they will be at handling the intense competition that high school ball will bring. Most high school coaches only have their eye on the prize and usually care more about winning. Don't get us wrong—there are some great coaches out there. Unfortunately, instruction usually gets pushed to the side in favor of winning a title. Some coaches are compassionate, while others are not. Too many children have had their hearts broken and their athletic will destroyed by being cut from their high school team. Once these things happen, it becomes difficult to persuade him or her to keep trying or to develop an increased appetite for training in order to make the team next year. Most children at this point find it easier to quit, or to blame others for their failures.

Training at an early age in life is becoming more commonplace and something that parents need to seriously consider for their child athletes before it is too late. Just working out on your own isn't the answer.


Building the proper muscle memory so that the proper mechanics are burned into the athlete's body is part of the answer. It's like learning to tie your shoes for the very first time. After a while, it happens automatically. You stop thinking about what you're doing and you just do it. The same can be said about the mechanics of pitching and hitting. Practicing the right techniques over and over and doing it the correct way is the way we have taught at Steve Lefebvre Baseball and Softball School, Inc., for more than 35 years. Practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.

If your child is willing to take advantage of our professional coaching, they can improve and be the best they can be. Think about this—wouldn't you like to teach your child that if you don't work, if you don't invest in yourself, if you don't want to put forth the effort, you won't get what you want in return? This lesson is not only invaluable in sports, but it applies to life, as well.


Please note that all lessons are available by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance. We accept Visa™, MasterCard™, and Discover™. Please notify us 24 hours in advance for cancellations. Use of batting cages is at your own risk—we assume no liability for accidents.